Web Kiosks Made Easy

Easily turn any Mac into a standalone Kiosk featuring a full-screen web browser.


Kiosk provides you with powerful features that are easy to use.

Immersive Browsing

Instantly turn any Mac into a full screen web browser.

Content Control

Easily restrict sites by configuring a whitelist or blacklist.


Prevent users from switching applications or exiting the kiosk.

Local File Support

Load content from local files rather than remote sites.

Presentation Mode

Use Kiosk to create non-interactive, automatically updating information displays.


Customize keyboard shortcuts, choose a monitor to use for display, hide all browser controls, and more.

Tabbed Browsing

Want to let users open multiple sites? Just check the box.

Cost Effective

Meet your needs without breaking the bank.


Available on the Mac App Store



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Need help or have questions about the product before you purchase?

Visit our support center to view commonly asked questions, get more information on what Kiosk can do, or to ask us a question!

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