Security Settings

Restrictions Updated

When using the Kiosk Browser, the dock and menubar are automatically hidden. However, other applications may show alerts or attempt to gain focus, which could interfere and allow the user to leave the browser.

You may prevent this by selecting the Attempt to prevent the user from changing applications option, which will ask macOS to disable common multiasking features (such as using Command + Tab to change applications) while the browser window is open.

You may also enable the Require password to close browser option, which will prompt the user for a password whenever the browser window is requested to be closed.

Content Policies New

Due to security concerns with locally hosted content, it is common practice to disable access to local HTML content by default.

However, there are many situations where such content may be desirable and perfectly safe. Kiosk allows you to easily grant permission to use local content by enabling the Allow content hosted from the local file system option, and then specifying which folders you wish to allow local content to be hosted from.

Note: In order for local content to work properly, you must specify any folders which the content needs to access in this list.

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