I get an Access Denied message instead of my configured homepage.

If you have enabled the Content Filtering features of Kiosk, and you attempt to view a page that is not allowed by the configured settings, you'll receive an error message similar to the following:

Access to the requested website has been denied.

The page you requested could not be loaded due to content restrictions in effect on this system.

The most common cause of this issue is that the list of allowed or blocked websites has not been configured correctly. It is important to note that Kiosk blocks at the site level, not at specific pages or URLs. So you must ensure that the list contains only the domain name of the site(s) you wish to allow or block access to. For more information on configuring content filtering, visit our guide here.

Local files are not working correctly

To ensure the security of files on your local computer, macOS restricts applications via a technique referred to as "sandboxing". Applications (like Kiosk) that wish to access files outside of their sandbox can only do so if a user action has specifically requested that the application access that file.

To work within these security controls, Kiosk requires you to configure which folders contain content you wish to allow Kiosk to access locally. You can configure this in the Security Preferences, under the Content Policies section. For a locally hosted page to work correctly, you must add any folder which contains references that the page needs to access to this list.

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